Step #1: Enable Windows WSL

Reference to Official Document: Enable WSL for Ubuntu

Step #2: Install Ubuntu bash (free) from Windows store

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Type Ubuntu
  • Click on the Ubuntu app, as shown below

Step #3: Installing from Microsoft Store

Ubuntu is a free app in Microsoft Store, Click on the GET button to proceed

Step #4: Store Login

  • Login to Windows store, enter your Microsoft credential and login
  • Wait for the Ubuntu download to complete

Step #5: Connecting to Ubuntu Bash

Ubuntu app would pop up asking to create the default Unix account
Provide your preferred username and password for Ubuntu bash terminal:

Step #6: ssh connect to bash on ubuntu in Windows 10

Switch to root user first (or prefix all commands with sudo)

sudo su -

Get Latest OpenSSH Server

apt-get remove --purge openssh-server
apt-get install openssh-server

Edit ssh Configuration and make the below changes
Note: provide your actual username in place of USERNAME

vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config
PasswordAuthentication yes
Port 2222
PermitRootLogin no

Restart SSH service

service ssh --full-restart

Getting your Ubuntu IP address


Connect using ssh tools putty/mobaxterm

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