Short answer: docker ps

Listing all running containers example:

[root@askdevops ~]# docker ps
CONTAINER ID IMAGE              COMMAND   CREATED            STATUS      PORTS               NAMES
ff7d589114df devops/lamp:latest "/run.sh" About a minute ago Up a minute>80/tcp  test

To list all docker images

[root@localhost ~]# docker image ls
REPOSITORY                TAG         IMAGE ID     CREATED      SIZE
docker.io/wordpress       latest      02126202b6ea 4 days ago   502 MB
docker.io/mattrayner/lamp latest-1804 70d76b7d843f 8 weeks ago  843 MB
docker.io/hello-world     latest      fce289e99eb9 7 months ago 1.84 kB

To list all exited containers

docker ps -qa -f status=exited
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