MobaXterm Customization Part 1 (Basic steps)

Mobaxterm is the most popular putty alternative tool today for connecting from Windows desktop to Linux servers. I found this tool very powerful which comes with all features we need for system administration and DevOps, such as SSH, SCP, SFTP, Remote Desktop, and has a lot of options for customization. Let me share some tips and tricks from my experience with MobaXterm that you can do it quickly within a few minutes!

Downloading Home Edition

If you don't have a copy of the latest mobaxterm software, grab one now.
Download link: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download.html


Move, Create Persistent Root and Home folders

After Download, move it to your preferred location

  • Move the unzipped mobaxterm exe to Documents/mobaxterm folder.
  • Create 2 folders, root and home

These folders will be used in the next step


Setting a persistent home folder

  • Open the MobaXterm EXE file
  • Click on the Settings button
  • Mobaxterm Configuration window will pop up
  • Under General TAB
  • Click on the Persistent home directory and point it to the home folder we created
  • Click on the Persistent root directory and point it to the root folder we created


Terminal Customization

Let me tell you the basic customization steps, for now, I shall write another page later for customizing terminal in detail.

  • Go to Terminal TAB
  • Check paste using right-click
  • Review other options as well as per your liking


Miscellaneous customization

  • Under Misc TAB, there are a few very useful time-saving options
  • Check my selections below, choose startup tab as terminal
  • This will give us a new bash shell directly, every time we startup mobaxterm and while opening a new tab


Bonus option (if you did not know it! )

Your Mobaxterm is ready to use with basic customization by now.
Create a shortcut to your desktop as shown below,


This is Part 1 of this article (MobaXterm customization), I will cover more customization options and methods to customize the local bash profile in Part 2 article.

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