I need unique password for every computer application or websites I use, because if one place is compromised, I am not exposed in any other place. I will share 10 tips for using unique passwords that I use in different places. The word "pass-phrase" can be something you have created applying "the tips for strong passwords"

Important Note: I use passwords or pass-phrases for illustration purpose here, you should never use exactly same passwords, same logic or combinations in your password, since this document is in public domain.

  1. Relate to place you use the password
    For Azure my password is "5pass-phrase" for Amazon, I use "6pass-phrase", for google cloud I have a password "11pass-phrase", did you see a uniqueness? This is a simple example of relating my password to the place I use to make it unique. 5 came out of the number of letters in "azure" 6 from "amazon" and so on.

  2. Relate to the purpose of password you are using in that domain
    Another similar example, I use gmail for business, so "bu-pass-phrase" can be considered as a unique password. "so-pass-phrase" can be another unique piece used for "facebook" Social networking, it is different from the gmail password.

  3. Using related salt
    Apply salt to your password, to remember salt for every place, use relation again. My gmail password this time: "+mailbox+pass-phrase" and for facebook "+social+pass-phrase"

  4. Relate to the service provider
    Google is providing gmail, where as I use a Samsung make mobile, so my passwords for gmail and mobile are "Google+pass-phrase" and "Samsung-pass-phrase" respectively

  5. Relate to the people you often use that particular account.
    I call my wife often using my mobile phone, so the password is "name-of-wife+pass-phrase for mobile. I use my tablet mostly for my children, so any tablet password is "child-name+pass-phrase"

  6. Usual time of the day or the day of a week you use the account
    I check my personal email account regularly evening 9pm, so I can easily add a salt "9pm+pass-phrase" to my gmail account. Working email needs to be checked every now and then through out my office hours, so "9to6+pass-phrase" is an easy phrase for me to remember, and it is unique

  7. Relate to the place you use it
    I can extract salt keywords from the place you use passwords, my workplace applications are opened in "office" personal emails are opened at home, so "home"

  8. Relate to the device type, make or model to use the credential
    Dell laptop, IBM, Apple etc can be a hint for your password phrase

  9. Priority of the application account
    It is your personal finance related account, say it is holding first priority, add ONE or 1 to the password string. Similarly your work email account can have a string attached to it talking about its importance.
  10. Category of the application or appliance
    Banking passwords can be used with a salt containing the context, "finance", insurance websites can contain terms related to insurance and so on, my advice is to not to use the word, bank or finance itself, but something you can (and you only can) relate to it.
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