1. Make a slight change along with your regular password. Suppose, my password is Password1, can be changes to Password1-August where August is the month which the password got changes. Also possible ways are to use "aug" to represent August how ever I will be consistent across the word combination among my passwords

  2. Note down the hints onto a paper (or notebook), by reading that I should be able to recognize. When ever you change a password, I must update that page as well. The straight forward way.

  3. Rotate a password suffix
    Use a set of suffixes along with my regular password, suppose my regular password is "Password" I use Password-1 Password-2 and so on for rotating password
  4. Use season(climatic) along with my pass phrase
  5. Relate to a recent or upcoming event or festival
  6. Attach the latest seen Movie name to my pass phrase
  7. Relate back to the application or website I am applying the password
  8. If I am are on a production environment, I prefer to use latest application version along with regular pass phrase.
  9. Physical locations where I use the password, for example: work, home, mobile or tablet, attach one of these words along with regular pass phrase.
  10. Finally I use a set of words which are rotated in a sequence for occasional password changes.
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