1. Make a slight change along with your regular password. Suppose, you thought of a password such as Password1, now the change you can add to this is the month name like Password1-August where August can be the month in which you are changing the password. Also you can just use "aug" to represent August. In this way you can be consistent across the word combination among passwords
  2. Note down the hints onto a notepad (or notebook), by reading that you must be able to recognize. When ever you change a password, you must update that page as well. The straight forward way.
  3. Rotate a password suffix .Use a set of suffixes along with regular password, suppose my regular password is "Password" I use Password-1 Password-2 and so on for rotating password
  4. Use season(climate) along with my pass phrase
  5. Relate to a recent or upcoming event or festival
  6. Attach the latest seen Movie name to my pass phrase
  7. Relate back to the application or website name for applying the password
  8. If I am are on a production environment, I prefer to use latest application version along with regular pass phrase.
  9. Physical locations where I use the password, for example: work, home, mobile or tablet, attach one of these words along with regular pass phrase.
  10. Finally I use a set of words which are rotated in a sequence for occasional password changes.
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