We are on the same page, to setup a website quickly, hassle free, without spending a penny! I have a few web projects running on FREE hosting services successfully for several
I was very excited when my friends suggested sharing my free web hosting success plan with fellow netizens. I do help my webmaster friends providing all these useful tips and tricks that I learned from my years of webmaster experience. Today I am going to share with you all the points in my checklist for doing web hosting with a FREE Webhosting provider.
Nothing in this world comes FREE! Not true for me, webhosting is FREE and it works for me!

Here it is for you all, not only for saving money, but to earn money from your website hosted on FREE hosting plans.
1. Dare to run your website on FREE hosting service; it works very well for me in 2014 just like it worked several years before. Yes it is true, so many big web hosting players are giving FREE webhosting plans for various business reasons, it can be for their experiments in their Network Operations Center (NOC) or for load testing, traffic analysis. Why don’t you give it a try?
2. Choosing FREE Webhosting is a difficult task, the trick here is to ask other webmasters what is their experience on it. Difficult to get, right? I can suggest you 10s of FREE webhosting provider names from different part of the world. US, UK and many other locations which I am using. I will give you the list at the end of this article.
3. Have a strategy about your website hosting. Make a concrete plan about your web hosting. May be this is your first website or a commercial website that you do, just assert various free hosting options available. Sign up with many and test your site with all of them.
4. How much income you generate? Depending on this you can decide …
5. How much traffic your site receives every day? Most free hosting providers have a traffic limit. You may ask so doesn’t paid hosting have this limit? Every service provider has certain limits to protect their resources. With a free web hosting service provider you should understand and make sure this meets requirements.
6. How much disk space required for your site? Instead of seeing what they offer first, ask yourself, how much disk space you require to run your website successfully? Most of my website has a size less than 100MB including all images, scripts and database. You will find most free hosting providers offer 1GB+ disk space and some time unlimited space!
7. How much band width you required? Traffic of a website is directly proportional to the content and popularity. An average blog with text contents and traffic of 1000 page views may require less than 1GB bandwidth monthly.
8. Location of data center
9. Inbuilt/one click install script support
10. Complexity of your website
11. Your Niche
12. Goodwill of hosting provider
13. IP Blacklist check
14. Urgency of your site launch
15. Your web project goals
16. Availability and ownership of the database, content and files
17. Name server
18. Your domain ownership
19. Co location
20. Databse support
21. Speed, response time
22. header, gzip support
23. Email
24. Support Forums
25. Reviews (Last), Google Search the service provider name (Last)
All we are talking here is about a FREE Web hosting on a shared web hosting plan. You will be hosting your own www.YourDomain.com with a FREE Hosting plan.

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